Thanks, Site5! (updated)

I have generally had a good customer experience with web hosting from Site5.com.  Their customer support is responsive, price reasonable, server performance acceptable for the price.

The other day, someone at Site5 decided they had to respond to a vague and specious rumor circulating about a vulnerability in OpenSSH.  Their response?  To disable all customer ssh access.  Wheeeee!

Yesterday they finally turned back on SSH access.  But without any notice, they disabled ssh1 access on my server.  I don’t dispute that I should probably have been using ssh2 keys for accessing my svn repo over svn+ssh, but I wasn’t.  And since I am sort of a doofus sometimes when it comes to sysadmin type stuff, I got to spend half a day looking for some problem with my svn client before I thought of the obvious fact that while Site5 claimed all ssh access was restored, that claim may not have been entirely true.  Thanks Site5, you totally owe me a beer.

Update – SANS said yesterday it was indeed a hoax.

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