Client Work

Hood River Organic

Pixelnix did a complete re-brand of Hood River Organic, a farm and CSA based in Hood River, Oregon. We started with looking over the business's mission and vision, which led us to redesign their logo and brand to focus more on their CSA, expanding farm, and farm partnerships. Next, we put up a new website to help tout their new brand to the public, and we helped them come up with marketing materials to help promote their CSA.

Oregon Brineworks

Oregon Brineworks is a new company based in Hood River, Oregon, that makes freshly fermented foods. Working in partnership with designer Jeremy Holmes of Studio Fuwafuwa, we're providing insight to help them develop a brand and put that brand online.

Joe Fingerhut Speaks

Joe Fingerhut is an accomplished youth speaker, magician, juggler, DJ, and all-around great guy. We were happy to help create a brand new web presence and video for Joe's youth speaking business, Joe Fingerhut Speaks.

Joe Fingerhut speaks from the heart about issues that are real to young people today. He has faced adversity, suffered loss, and pursued his passions despite long odds. Joe connects with audiences using humor, magic, and relevant stories of his own adventures, and he has a knack for connecting each young person’s heart with a powerful message of hope. If you’re looking for a speaker to come and inspire your young people to pursue their highest aspiration then Joe is your man!

Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East

Pixelnix produced a pro-bono custom WordPress installation for Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East. Although the Habitat for Humanity brand is well-known throughout the world, we helped localize the brand through the web and social media outlets. Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East has served low-income, hard-working families for over 30 years, providing home ownership opportunities to families in Portland and Gresham at 30-60% of the median Portland household income level.

Sandoz Farm

Since 1880, Sandoz Farm has been producing high quality fruits, vegetables, livestock and hay. They hired us to get them online for the first time in their farm's history. We worked with them to produce a website, Facebook page and e-news setup through Mail Chimp that focused on their family's history and farm stand. We had fun with this one (and ate some tasty food as well)!


Camp CAMREC is a group retreat owned by Washington Mennonite Fellowship, an idyllic spot nestled in the Washington Cascades which holds a ton of fond memories for us personally. We designed a new site and then sliced it up as a WordPress theme for simple content management capabilities.

A Balanced Life Health Care

This website for Portland-area naturopath Dr. Julie Kahn was designed by a third party, who delivered a PDF which we turned into a website. Hooray for PDF as a design format!

Wordpress Plugins


Download from WordPress plugin repository

PageSpot's goal is to facilitate more complex layout options for Pages; and to add the capability to dynamically switch out the sidebar content on a per-Page basis.

PageSpot uses private Pages as groups of content to be inserted in various other places in your Page or theme. By default it creates two "special" private Pages:

PageSpot Snippets are pieces of another Page. To create a new snippet, just create a child Page of the [PageSpot] Page Snippets page. PageSpot will ensure your new snippet remains Private and inaccessible on its own. PageSpot then expects you to assign the snippet to a Spot on one of your public Pages.

To do that, you will first need to create custom templates in your theme directory. If you create a template with "pagespot" in the name, and select it in the Page editor, the PageSpot admin box will become active for that Page. PageSpot will parse the template for annotations that look like "[[PageSpot:Foo]]", and allow you to assign a PageSpot Snippet to that spot, named "Foo".

The final result is that when viewed from the front end, your Page will have the assigned snippet Page’s content inserted in place of your [[PageSpot]] annotation. This lets you build up complex layouts for a Page, composed of other Pages’ content which you can edit and replace independent of each other.

Sidebar Items are pages that together comprise a sidebar for your theme. To create a sidebar, just create a private Page named "[Sidebar] Foo". All child pages of that page constitute the Foo sidebar. PageSpot will add a meta-box in the Page Edit screen to select the sidebar to use for the current Page. Adding some simple PHP code to your sidebar template is all you then need to bring this functionality into your custom theme:

<?php PageSpot::print_sidebar(); ?>


Download from WordPress plugin repository

This plugin facilitates the dynamic inclusion of media library artwork into predefined places in your site’s theme. It creates named positions (by default "campaign" and "header") which can be assigned a media item per each Page.

  • Adds an admin menu item under Themes to edit your Position names
  • Adds a dropdown control when editing Pages to select the images for each Position in that Page

To insert the images into your theme, just add a bit of PHP code to your theme in the appropriate spot, for example:

<?php Media2Layout::banner('header'); ?>

For the position named "header", this would print an <img/> tag for the image assigned to the current Page at that position, if one is assigned there. It wraps the <img/> in a <div/> with class "media2layout_[position name]".